Each cancer patient presents different and complex clinical problems depending on the pathology.

The Oncologia e Cucina Association is born from the awareness of the needs of the cancer patient.

Salvatore Artale, director of the “Unità Operativa di Oncologia” at the hospital “Presidio Ospedaliero Sant’Antonio Abate” in Gallarate, part of ASST Valle Olona di Varese, sensitized by the criticality of cancer patients regarding the side effects of medical therapies, the need for a personalized diet to address therapies, the need to adopt a lifestyle aimed at improving the general state of health, has taken care of his patients by going beyond the clinical and therapeutic aspects, responding to their needs to improve the management of daily life.

In this way the “Associazione Oncologia e Cucina” was born in Decembet 2016 , including the website dedicated to care integration programs for the prevention and control of the side effects of drugs derived from cancer therapies.

The Association became first ONLUS during February 2017 and then APS (Associazione di Promozione Sociale) during November 2019, making use of the skills of dedicated professionals: nutritionist biologist, chef, geneticist biologist and scientific coordinator, to guide patients through an easy navigation on our online site, looking for principles that regulate healthy eating with the help of useful recipes for the control of some symptoms related to cancer therapies.

Nutritional advice is integrated, without ever replacing, with the commonly used conventional medical treatments.

The mission of this project is the creation of a site that virtually represents the path that the patient takes in the clinical reality of every day.

The website offers the patient the immediate opportunity to find some answers to their needs,to participate in events that make them feel part of a group and not an isolated entity seeking help.

The main goal is to achieve the 100 adherence to the medical cancer treatments proposed to each individual patient.